Final Fantasy:Brave Exvius Update Notes (22.3.2016) (Eng Translate)

Big update coming.
Major FF IV Event!

First off, some characters are being upgraded!

Cecil -> Can awaken to 6*
Rydia -> Can awaken to 5*
Kain -> Can awaken to 5*


New characters from FFIV added to the summon pool with rates up!

Cecil (wait for it…..) Dark Knight mode
5* to 6*
TMR : Deathbringer (GreatSword)– 120 Attack darkness elemental, "Man Eater" ability. (Basically dark version of Excalibur I think?)
LB: Shadow Bringer – Deal darkness AOE damage but the user takes damage too (A bigger scale of the skill “Darkness” )

4* to 5*
TMR: Goddess Bow (Bow)– +91 ATK, +40 MND, Bird Killer skill
LB: Baron’s Miracle – Heal party’s HP + MP. MP!!?

3* to 5*
TMR: Hanzo’s Gauntlet (Accessory) - +15DEF & MND, can use "Mug"’ skill
LB: Eburana’s Arts – Single Target damage + random status effect


Event Dungeon
Babuiru’s Giants
Exploration Dungeons
4 Difficulty, up to “Awakening” level.
-The usual spammable stages to farm for parts to exchange for materials/skills etc for your precious Cecil
**There is a chance of obtaining Trust Moogles in the hardest “Awakening” Level of this dungeon. They give 10% Trust Mastery!!!
Also, event craftable equipments.

Dark Helmet - +20 DEF, +14 Atk
Lilith’s Rod +60 MGC, can use “Drain” skill


Event Dungeon 2
Fantasy Labyrinth
Exploration Dungeon
There’s only 1 encounter each floor. Explore deeper for rare materials!
You can find materials needed to awaken 6* characters in here too.
CHANCE to get Limit Burst Pots! Feed them to your units to raise the Limit Burst EXP bar by 100 points!


The Maintenance timing changed. It will happen on 24th still, but 12 noon to 5pm JST

There's also a "Goodies Bag" package summon that will happen for a week. (24th itself after Maintenance until 31st March) You can only summon once per day and cost 300 lapis

The goodies bag will contain:

10 Large Magicite
1 Magic Key
1 Elixir
1 Phoenix Down
1 Summon Ticket

They bags are the same every day, except the element of the Magicite will change every day.

If you count 500 Lapis = 1 summon, the package is a discounted summon with extra goodies I guess.

Credit to Original Writer SoulEaterTed , Copy From