Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires All Events Unlock Guide

  • 1. Ambition (大志を抱く) - Begin the game as a free officer
  • 2. Founding a country (建国) - Successfully raise an army and form a new kingdom
  • 3. Successor (引退と継承) - Have a ruler step down and select you as a successor. I did this while I was playing Dong Bai as a Marshal and Lu Bu (Ruler) approached me to increase my rank to Ruler by stepping down and retiring. My relation with him was A or above.
  • 4. Confession (告白) - Have S rank with an officer of a different sex, then confess to them (they will also confess to you on their own)
  • 5. Marriage (婚礼) - An option for marriage will appear after a successful confession.
  • 6. Oath Brothers (義兄弟の契り) - S with any officer and then pot smash away!
  • 7. Escape (亡命) - Fail a revolt as a Marshal or betrayal (giving up your territory to another faction) as a governor.

 The following events (8 to 13) might only be completed as a vagabond wandering army, to reach the last level in the chain just keep doing the highest level request you are offered. For instance, assassination begins by killing a captain, then a regular officer, then a prefect, and finally marshal / strategist / ruler (The three are in the same catagory as killing a ruler) 

  • 8. The skillful Assassin (凄腕暗殺者) - Complete the Final mission of the assassination request chain to murder a ruler. (君主暗殺)
  • 9. The looter of Chaos (戦乱の略奪者) - Complete the final mission of the thief request chain to steal from the national treasury (国庫潜入)
  • 10. The strongest mercenaries (最強傭兵団) - Complete the final mission of the rescue request chain to rescue a city (都市救援)
  • 11. Pinnacle of Might (武の頂) - Complete the final mission of the hunt request chain to hunt down a vagabond army (放浪軍討伐) with one of the following officers under your command (being them doesn't count) - Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Pang De, Yu Jin, Gan Ning, Taishi Ci, Lu Meng, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Xiahou Ba, Wen Yang, Lu Bu, Meng Huo, Lu Lingqi. (張遼・徐晃・龐徳・于禁・甘寧・太史慈・呂蒙・趙雲・関羽・張飛・夏侯覇・文鴦・呂布・孟獲・呂玲綺)
  • 12. Reliable Guardian (信頼おける守人) - Complete the final request of the protection request chain to protect a ruler. (君主護衛)
  • 13. Bandit Chief (山賊頭) - Complete 5 mission each of the following request types. Robbery, thieving, and assassination.
  • 14. Declaration of the final battle (最終戦への決意) - Start a battle that can win you the game.
  • 15. Wealthy country (産業大国) - For me, I built 6 blacksmiths and item shops to unlock this event. It is said that subordinates can get them after certain amount of cities in their faction.
  • 16. The capitalist (資本家) - For me, I achieved this by having 99999 gold right after I established a nation with an evilness rating of 1. I suspect the high gold and evil has to do with this, as this scene involved bribery.
  • 17. Successful revolution (謀反成功) - Succeed a revolution (I did this as a Marshal)
  • The last two cutscenes are the ending cutscenes added for completion sake, you will always get these two scenes when you finish a campaign.

Link to the Japanese guide for reference, or the Japanese: Here
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