Dynasty Warriors Blast Menu Translation

Finally managed to do translation for most of the menus in Dynasty Warriors Blast. Depending on whether I have more time to write a guide, I may also convert this into a guide topic.

Main Menu

We're going upwards from here, but I'm skipping the Encyclopedia page since it's just a simple list of characters you've gotten.

Addendum on the Orbs
You spend Orbs on these things:
  • Instantly replenish meatbuns (not recommended unless you're that impatient)
  • Hire generals including chance for getting console characters
  • Expand max owned generals slot
  • Revive in battle when your character dies or your base gets destroyed (not recommended unless you're on the last area of a high-difficulty stage)

You get Orbs from:
  • Clearing challenges for the first time (other than first time you'll get Master Shuijing cards instead)
  • Buying with real money
  • Obtained from chests, probability is very rare

For those of us who don't have the option of buying with real money (since they mostly require Japanese accounts and whatnot), the key for longevity here is how you manage the orbs. Only use them for the most efficient purchases (expanding general slots & obtaining console characters from daily hiring preview), totally refrain from unnecessarily filling meatbuns, and try your best to not losing in battles.

Hiring Generals

Strengthening Characters

Picking Materials for Strengthening

Character list sorting

Manage Unit

Character Page

Sortie Page

Announcement Page

Messages Page

Friend List

Invite Friend


Game Settings

Credit to BlackKite , KoeiWarriors Forum

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